Board Of Directors

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Dirk Wolfaardt

Group CFO

After matriculating from Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool in 2000, Dirk moved to the small town of Stellenbosch to study accounting. He completed his B.Rek Accounting studies at the University of Stellenbosch in 2003, and he was also part of various student councils and committees. After completing his B.Compt Honours degree at UNISA, he joined Deloitte in Pretoria for his articles and he also qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA). Dirk was appointed as manager in one of the Deloitte business divisions and a few years later he decided to start his own consulting business specialising in business consulting, audit, corporate finance and tax. In 2012 Dirk completed a post-degree in South African Tax Law at the University of Pretoria (UP). As part of his business diversification, he was involved in running his own retail and fast food outlets for Famous Brands and also running a residential property portfolio. 

Wildswinkel, a South African leader in the game industry, was his next stop. He spent three years as the head of finance and rolled out various businesses within the group of companies. Dirk was approached by Schoeman to join the business in 2018. He became the first non-family member of the Board of Directors in 2019 as the group’s Chief Financial Officer. Over and above the financial management of Schoeman, Dirk is responsible for risk management and he works closely with the Group CEO in determining strategy, innovation and business development within Schoeman. Sustainability in agriculture is directly related to effective cost management, innovation and maximising yields. The cheapest producer will survive. It is his mandate to ensure that the family business is secure, the balance sheet is healthy and to protect the hundred-year legacy of the family business.

Dirk’s passion for farming is evident when he describes his daily routine. “I love the dynamic nature of farming. Every day sees new challenges and opportunities. You must adapt and think on your feet to meet ever-changing circumstances. I love challenging the status quo. I’m excited about the tremendous promise technology holds for agriculture. I’m passionate about living a meaningful life. We feed people, employ them and contribute to the economy of the country. We’re playing in a multi-national environment where Safex, Forex, imports and exports, the domestic climate and economic environment, as well as local market conditions, are extremely dynamic. I love the fact that we’re interacting on a global scale whilst making a big local impact on the community, people, and our country.” Dirk is married to Celest and they have three children – Reuben, Bella and Sebastian.