Northern Cape Region

Northern Cape region.

We practise double cropping on the farm. Due to the cold winters, the farm is perfectly suited to wheat farming. As soon as the wheat is harvested early December, maize is planted on the same fields on a no-till principle.

Over and above the wheat and maize production, Zoetwater yields Lucerne too. External contractors cut and bale the Lucerne every 28 days for export to China and Arabia. The farm yields about 7 cuttings per hectare. Lucerne is rotated with maize every four years because Lucerne leaves the soil in a very healthy condition. After the crop rotation, the maize crop can increase to as much as 20 tons a hectare.

Zoetwater is also home to pecan nuts. It took a year to get the trees in an acceptable condition after we took over. Trees were pruned into a more productive growth form and more trees were planted to double the number of trees on the farm. The knowledge gained from growing citrus comes in handy in pecan nut farming and we plan to plant another 70ha pecan trees in the next year.   

Henri du Plooy is the farm manager at Zoetwater. He previously farmed on Zoetwater and knows the conditions like the back of his hand. He brings institutional knowledge to the Zoetwater team who plans to go from strength to strength to become the pride and joy of Schoeman.