Small white bean plant

Small white bean plant

Dry white bean production in South Africa was relatively small in the past, with most of the local consumption satisfied by imports from China, Canada, the USA and Ethiopia.

In anticipation of the growth in demand, we established a cleaning facility that delivers directly to canning factories. The plant employs 50 staff as many of the processes are mechanised. The cleaning plant has been upgraded with the latest in grain sorting technology and can produce 18 tons of canning grade beans per hour.

We decided to increase our dry white bean production and started working with 140 contract farmers country wide. The market grew from 10 000 tons five years ago to 29 000 tons currently. 

White beans are a difficult crop to grow, its grading process is stringent, and the risks are high. Schoeman supports bean farmers by offering a fixed price before they plant to avoid price fluctuations. In addition, we offer farmers finance for seed and fertiliser. The biggest challenge with this model is to find farmers who consistently produce good crops to comply with our predefined contracts, stipulating specific tons that must be delivered every year.  

We have trial fields in Delmas, where different bean cultivars, crop protection and fertilisers are trialed every year. Schoeman field agents also visit farms and advise on what needs to be done or adapted to deliver the maximum yield.